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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No, I don't want your service!

Back in April, we cancelled our TV service. We had noticed that we were watching the TV instead of spending time with each other. This had to stop. We decided to suspend our service for 6 months to see if we still wanted it. Suspending the service allowed us to stop the service and the bills without disconnecting from the service. This would save us the connection fee if we decided that we wanted to keep the service.

Well I received a call from our TV service provider the other day to remind me that my service would be turned back on mid-October. I immediately told the representative that I wanted to cancel our service. When the representative asked why, I said that we haven't missed it in 6 months and I see no value in continuing the service. To cancel the service the representative had to transfer me to someone else. They tried and tried to get me not to cancel the service. They offered me all kinds of discounts and credit for free months, but I stuck to my guns and told them to cancel the service.

Not having the TV service saves us $55 per month or $660 per year. We spend our nights having dinner, playing games, talking, reading, and just being together.

You may not want to cancel your TV service, but you can use the possibility of cancellation to obtain free service and credits from your provider.

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