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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Impending Doom

Ever notice how there is always some impending doom? It could be H1N1, or North Korea, or the banking industry collapse, or whatever. There is always some "crisis" event that hangs over our collective heads. The pressure is always there and it isn't new. What is new is the named crisis.

With each new impending doom, we, as a populace, focus in it to such an extend that we forget that it is merely another in a long line of calamities that will thrust mankind into a death spiral that we will never recover from. Yet, we recover each and every time. All the mental energy spent on "what if"s is wasted.

It is mentally tiring worrying about each individual critical crisis. I'm electing to actively remind myself at the onset of the next big thing (and there will be one) that, in the big picture of issues, it is just another in the conga line and that I should enjoy the dance. Another will come along soon enough and supplant the last one.

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