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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween as a platform for inversion

Of the traditional notable days on the calender, Halloween is the one that is held in the highest esteem by our family. On this day, millions and millions of people get to enjoy the power of inversion... a power that our family enjoys all year long. On this day, people get judged not by how pretty they are, but by how gruesome they are. The more horrific, the more scary, the more revered one is. This is the act of inversion ... viewing things from an opposite perspective. When you do this, you begin to see qualities you never enjoyed before. You begin to see elements of value you never considered before. You begin to identify opportunities you have never seen before. In addition to all this, Halloween provides a comfortable forum for many to release their little inner demon ... scaring the kids, doing tricks, and eating treats.

As usual, the commercial aspect has encroached on this marvelous day, bringing non-Halloween ideas to the table, like dressing up as a fairy or Hanna Montana or a Power Ranger. At first, I wasn't happy about this. Upon further thought, though, I'm quite happy about it. Why? People who really get into Halloween, and invert, see the power of this perspective and they begin to apply it in the regular world all year. This means that others begin to see and use this power nullifying some of the advantage our family has. By having "goody goody" type Halloween costumes and views, people won't understand the power and will remain ignorant of it leaving my family to have an advantage.

Here is an inversion flip exercise that is great on Halloween. Find a movie, that the entire family can watch, with a bad guy whom gets lots of screen time. Agree at the outset that everyone will cheer for the bad guy, identify his redeeming qualities, and boo any character whom stands in his way. You will find good qualities in the bad guy ... usually pride and drive. There will be others, too, that inevitably comes forward. Once the movie is over, reflect on what you saw and ask if the good guy would of even existed had the bad guy not shown up.

So I say, bring on the princess and spiderman costumes. Those archetypes are available everyday and will not create a novel view of the world for those whom partake. That power will remain between us.

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