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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lucky Duck Wine

Being labeled as “wine connoisseurs” would probably land itself as the most preposterous label of 2009 if it were applied to us. Our wine acquisition strategy is quite simple: buy cheap.

When we eat out, for example, I always ask the waiter for the “cheapest red wine you have.” My theory is that restaurant managers, trying to increase margins, will put their lowest cost (to them) wine in the middle of their menu prices since most people would be too embarrassed to order the cheapest wine on the menu. By suckering people into the “middle wine”, they've made more per glass because of the higher margin. Same amount of work, but more money.

Occasionally we enjoy red wine at home and we follow the usual approach, buy the cheapest red wine available at discount type stores.

While in WalMart about 2 weeks ago, we were going to buy some red wine for an extended family party. I grabbed the $3.49 red wine bottle that is our usual fare and was happy until Val spotted something new …. the Lucky Duck red wine.

The Lucky Duck wine was more expensive at a whopping $3.97, but its name was hard to pass up. We took a chance and bought a bottle of this untried elixir and headed off to the party. Boy were we thrilled. Everyone whom tried the wine was pleased … but were surprised when we shared that it cost less than $4 a bottle.

So, if you're looking for a decent bottle of red wine to enjoy at home, we recommend Lucky Duck cabernet sauvignon. If you are some sort of wine wizard, well, please still buy it and let us know what the wine educated think of it.

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