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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Arctic Solo Sail

A couple of weeks ago, I became aware of a blog about a guy, Captain Tommy D. Cook, whom is setting out to brave the Northwest passage alone! His website, Arctic Solo Sail, details much of his preparation and journey. How does a 64 year old man prepare for the rigors of such an adventure?

After reading his blog post "A Minor Set Back", I decided to reach out to Captain Tommy. His blend of wisdom, philosophy, and attitude about life resonated. Add to all this his vast experience in boating, 44 years, and I just had to introduce myself.

When I checked on the Sailboat family email box later in the day, I was surprised to have a reply from Captain Tommy! Captain Tommy's email was very kind, and he shared the following with me:

"I sailed on a research vessel to the Antarctic in 1991 and on the mess deck was a poster with this saying: THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE IS NOT DETERMINED BY THE WAY YOU WISH THINGS WERE BUT BY HOW YOU DEAL WITH THE WAY THINGS ARE I adopted that as my life motto. It has held me in good stead a long way."

Right on Captain Tommy! Right ON!

I was in for one more surprise ... Captain Tommy bought us a round of ice cream! Thank you Captain Tommy!

You can bet our discussion during the ice cream indulgence will be around Captain Tommy and his adventure.

The world is full of amazing people. With each connection our family makes, the beautiful part of all of humankind becomes even more obvious to us. We are all connected.

Fair Winds Captain Tommy!

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