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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Savannah Bound!

Good morning! Today we are on the road to Savannah. This may be the last weekend that Ariel rests on the hard in 2010!

We are meeting with the boatyard operator, Dick Long, to go over the work we asked him to do. He handled a number of tasks for us like replacing one of the chain plates, replacing a protective cover in the splash well, stripping and painting the bottom, and more. If it all looks good, Mr. Long will be putting Ariel back on the water next week after a long 2 months of dry time!

The task list of what has to be done before Ariel is ready for a sail is still quite long however. Most of the remaining work consists of lots of small tasks (e.g. less than 2 hours per task), and runs the gamut. To get a sense of the range, here are a few of work pieces Val and I will be attacking: installing the new batteries, putting the lettering on the side of the boat, installing the lifeline netting, adding Stabil to the fuel system, and posting the Coast Guard required sewage dumping stickers.

There is a lot of stuff we are carrying out to the boat today. In the photo you can see some of the stuff we are driving out. We have the main sail, head sail, the bimini, a stuffed animal (KJ's dachshund :) ), and so much more with us.

This will be a very very busy weekend. It is unlikely that we will get everything done we need to so that we can go sailing next weekend, but we will try!


  1. Bill and Val, I bet you can see the excitement in the energy around you. :) I hope everything is ready to go for you and the boat is prepared to get wet.
    A trick I used to use when putting large stickers and stripes on company trucks was to spray windex on the area before placing the stickers. The windex allowed me to slide the stickers around, remove bubbles, and would evaporate after an hour or so. The stickers lasted for years so I didn't see any degradation of the adhesive.
    Have fun

  2. Two woo hoos for you. A small one for the trip to Savannah... I LOVE that town! A huge one for SPLASHING THE BOAT!!!!!

  3. @Joe: Thanks for the great tip on install the lettering!

    @jomamma: Thanks for the "woo hoos"! We are excited about splashing the boat. We hope that she will be in the water by this weekend, but I think it will sometime in June. That's okay, we still have a lot of tasks to do and it will be easier to do them on land. We like Savannah and can't wait to explore.


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