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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lifeline Netting Installation

Last weekend, while in Savannah, we installed the lifeline netting purchased from On Deck Sports. The installation took approximately 2 hours. This short installation time is directly attributed to the construction of the netting. As mentioned in a previous post about the lifeline netting, it is trimmed with rope and has 2 stainless steel spring clips on each end. This made the installation easier, as we could see how the netting was going to fall before we started tying it to the stanchions and lifelines.

Our Gemini 3200 is 31'6" long. We purchased two 2'x40' nets, because we wanted the bow and most of the stern to be covered.

Installation began on the aft starboard side. We secured the netting to the lifelines and stanchions with a UV protected, poly twine and some simple to tie, but hard to untie knots. We melted the ends of the cut twine with a lighter. This will keep the twine from fraying. If we ever need to take down the netting, we can cut the twine.

The first 40' of netting ended almost in the middle of the bow. We clipped the second lifeline netting via the spring clips to the first and continued the netting down the port side to the stern. When it's time to anchor, we simply have to unclip the netting, anchor, and reclip the netting.

The deck of the boat is now 95% encapsulated by the lifeline netting. The only portion of the boat that is not covered, is the stern were our Honda outboard is located.

I now feel more comfortable with Dy being on deck. Before, I was afraid that she would slip through the lifelines and off the boat. The peace of mind is worth a ton more than the $100 for the netting and the 2 hours to install it.

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