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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jellyfish On Beach At Hilton Head

While visiting Ariel, we made our base of operation the Crowne Plaza resort on Hilton Head Island. This resort is our favorite in Hilton Head. It is reasonably priced, in a good location with lots of bike paths, clean, has 2 nice pools (one a kiddie pool), and has a nice beach right on the ocean.

The girls really enjoyed running up and down the beach, screaming and chasing seagulls. And then, this mystery creature was spied

This beautiful creature stopped KJ right in her tracks! "What is it?" KJ asked. Ahh, the mighty Jellyfish! It became a topic of conversation for a few moments ... until a wave came up and washed it back to the sea.

As we explained to KJ, a Jellyfish isn't really a fish at all and there is a big movement to rename them Jellies. The movement has the same passion and fervor as the efforts to return Pluto to planet status. Anyway, we talked to KJ about not touching Jellies as they have stinging capabilities (nematocysts).

Even though they can sting some people eat Jellyfish. In fact, there is such a thing as a Jellyfish Master whom processes these creatures to make them edible. KJ liked the idea of a Jellyfish Master.

Ah, the wonderful factoids one learns when becoming a dive master (such information is entertaining to tourists as well as kids! :))

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