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Monday, May 24, 2010

Productive Weekend in Savannah

Hi Everyone! We had a very productive weekend in Savannah. The visit was to inspect the work of Sail Harbor Marina and Boatyard on our Gemini 3200, install the vinyl lettering, install the lifeline netting, and about 15 other boat related tasks.

We are very happy with Sail Harbor Marina and Boatyard. They have, so far, done excellent work on our Gemini 3200. The bottom of Ariel has been completely transformed from a void ridden gel coat to a smooth, protected surface. The picture on the top was taken after the old bottom paint was removed. Notice all of the small voids in the gel coat. Sail Harbor Boatyard faired out the surface, thus filling in the void with a fiberglass fairing compound. They then painted the bottom with 4 coats of Interprotect 2000E and 2 coats Pettit Ultima SR-60. There is now a noticeable difference, in thickness, between the side of the hulls and where the bottom paint begins. The picture on the bottom shows smooth, protected hulls.

The boatyard also installed 3 Nicro Day/Night Plus Solar Vents, that we had previously purchased. Two of the vents are for cabin ventilation and the last vent, for composting toilet exhaust. Upon inspection, we noticed that one of the vents was not working. After a little trouble-shooting, we were able to determine that the rechargeable battery that came with the unit was no good. We simply removed the battery and the fan started immediately. A rechargeable battery for the unit is now on our need to purchase list.

The mast is almost ready to be stepped. The boatyard has installed the new LED tri/anchor light, steaming/deck light, and windex wind instrument. All of the standing rigging had been inspected, using a liquid that highlight any cracks/fractures. All of the rigging checked out okay. Yeah, because it would have been expensive to replace and a big hit to our budget.

Bill and I were able to install the vinyl lettering and the lifeline netting. We also completed several of the other tasks on our list and got to spend some time with the girls at Tybee Island Beach. What a GREAT weekend!

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