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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Plastiki Expedition - Voyages of a Bottled Catamaran

So, um, where does one begin ...

In about 3 weeks, a catamaran made of 12,500 used plastic bottles will arrive in Sydney Australia after traveling 11,000 some odd miles! It departed from San Francisco California USA 72 days ago.

The odyssey is called The Plastiki Expedition. The people involved are raising awareness about being eco-friendly, especially towards the ocean. They have a blog and a number of interesting facts on their site.

You can track their "real time" position on their Track The Voyage page.

Here are some quickie tidbits regarding the boat and the expedition:
  • length is 60 feet
  • beam is 23 feet
  • usage of a urine-to-water recovery system (does that make it pee bottle?)
  • voyage to take about 3 months
  • there are 6 crew members
  • used organic glue made from cashews and sugar cane to hold it together
Go Plastiki!

(Yes, the name Plastiki is a reference to Kon-Tiki voyage back in the late 40s by the amazing Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl.)

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