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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back from Coastal Cruising School

Hello Everyone, I'm back from my Coastal Cruising class!

I had a wonderful time and learned a lot. I will blog in-depth, in the coming days.

My class was held on a 39' Beneteau sailboat. It took a day for me to acclimate myself to a monohull, after sailing on our Gemini 3200 catamaran for almost a year. Ninety percent of the class was held in the waterway from Pensacola, FL to Perdido Bay, AL and in the Gulf of Mexico. I met some very nice people and had some awesome local seafood.

The mental break was nice, too. When not sailing, I found tons of time to read, meditate, listen to the waves, and just relax. Now, I'm back into the grove of home life and boat modifications.

Like I said above, I had a wonderful time, but I'm happy to be back home with my family.


  1. Looking forward to hearing all about your course. I've looked into it in the past, and it looks like a great program. Please, do share the details!

  2. That would be so fun... the cruising class that is. I've done the bitsy kids thing.

  3. Val, you look awesome! The shot of you at the helm is fantastic. And I know that smile .... you really had a good time! From all of us back in Atlanta whom were waiting for you, we are reaaaaally glad you're back. No more microwave dinners! :)

  4. @Stacey: Upcoming blogs will fill you in with all of the details. I took my class with Lanier Sailing Academy in Pensacola, FL. Both John and Kathy, the instructors are fantastic.

    @jomamma: If you have your Basic Keel Boat certification, you should check it out. Not only did I complete the Coastal Cruising class, but also the Bareboat Charter Class. Once you have the BareBoat Charter certification, you can rent charter boats in the BVIs.

    @Bill: Thank You, I LOVE YOU!!


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