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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ariel Makes a SPLASH!!

Friday, I drove out to Savannah to spend some quality time with Ariel, alone. I arrived at Sail Harbor Marina around 2:30pm and took a moment to check out the progress since our last visit. To my surprise, Paul (one of the boatyard guys) told me that our Gemini 3200 will be put into the water at 4pm. This gave me just enough time to check on a couple of things, prepare the dock lines, and fenders. Promptly at 4pm, the travel lift came over picked up Ariel and put her into the water. This took a total of 10 minutes and occurred during a thunderstorm.

The boatyard guys put her into the water with confidence and ease. They tied her up on the dock and that's where we spent the night. Just me and Ariel. It was great!!

We are officially now in the Atlantic! One step closer to our adventure.


  1. I can only imagine the excitement and magic of the moments as you get closer and closer to your dream. Cheers!!! By the way. Will there be a champagne on the bow initiation? :)

  2. @Joe: We will be doing some amazing sparkling cider (well, thats what the girls will have... Val and I will do margaritas)

    @Mike: Yes! Thanks!


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