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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nicro Day/Night Plus Solar Vents Installed

Sail Harbor Marina and Boatyard installed the 3 Nicro Day/Night Plus Solar Vents (2-4" vents and 1- 3" vent) that we had previously purchased.

We had the two 4" vents installed in the hatches at the galley and the head. The galley vent is an intake vent, while the vent located in the head is exhaust. Each of the 4" vents moves 1000 cubic feet of air per hour, which should be more than sufficient in keeping the air moving on our Gemini 3200. When we reviewed the installation of the vents, we noticed that the vent in the head was not working. After a little trouble-shooting, it was determined that the battery that came with the unit was bad. A replace battery is now on our "Need To Purchase" list.

The 3" vent was installed as an exhaust vent for our Nature's Head Composting Toilet, where the old pump out fitting was located (This is the 6th of 7 steps).

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  1. Just looking at your route map on your website. I could have sworn it used to be a four or five year plan, did your family recently change it to the 9-10 year plan? Looks like a really long-term commitment!

  2. @Stacey: Good memory! You are absolutely right, the timeline has grown. I'd like to address this fully, so I will write blog explaining the change. I probably should have done so in the first place! Thank you for asking/noticing.


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