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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Extending The Sailing Trip's Timeline

"Just looking at your route map on your website. I could have sworn it used to be a four or five year plan, did your family recently change it to the 9-10 year plan? Looks like a really long-term commitment!"

On June 2, 2010 at 11:02, Stacey posted this question and the answer warrants a full response.

When we first posted our route page, we expected to take 4 or 5 years to mosey around the planet. As we've grown our knowledge, we've mentally adjusted the route to accommodate some new desires and to have an even more leisurely pace. What I didn't do is keep the route page updated to reflect our current thinking and planning. A couple of weeks ago, I sat down and captured the latest route in graphical form and uploaded it.

One of the bigger adjustments, for example, is that we want to spend more time in Central America when we first head out. Another notable change is that we are by passing Australia and using New Zealand as a home base for the region. We shared in our New Zealand blog post that we can stay 6 months exploring, and we plan to do just that. Lastly, in 2012, we want to be back in the USA to take our children to Walt Disney World. We want to give them one big Disney experience, when they are both of an age to remember it as well as have it be magical (fairies, princesses, and castles!).

The caveat to the entire trip is, we will just go with the flow. We are committed to the trip, not the timeline. We will go as, when, and where the winds, weather, and our desires propel us. No faster, no slower. The map really is a guide post to help us prepare.

Thanks for asking Stacey. Great questions/observation.


  1. And refresh my memory or enlighten me... how exactly do you fund such a lifestyle?

  2. @jomamma: :) That, of course, is the million dollar question. Please send me a private note and we can have that dialog out of the public realm. I tried finding an email address for you without success.

  3. As a follow up to others interested, the key is to have an occupation wherein you are paid for thoughts, not for tasks. The thoughts, once codified, can be sold over and over and over again. Val and I have found niche where we can uniquely do this.


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