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Friday, June 4, 2010

Vinyl Lettering Installed

On our most recent visit to Savannah, we installed new vinyl lettering on our Gemini 3200. During the planning process, Bill indicated that he preferred "BIG," bold, simple letters. When we ordered the vinyl, we ordered the letters with a height of 18", in plain black, Arial text. Well the letters are BIG! Do you think that others will be able to read our boat's name?;)

The letters were so big that it took both of us to install the lettering. Bill positioned the lettering while I smoothed and removed bubbles. We work great as a team. Thanks to virtual crew member Joe for the tip on using windex to keep the lettering movable until we had it positioned the way we wanted it.

Here are some more pictures of the installation.


  1. :) It will be much easier to spot you now. You just need some of those "This Side Up" stickers and it is good to go. :)

  2. @Joe: That is awesome! Indeed we should totally do that! :) lol.


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