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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Composting Marine Toilet Conversion-Completed

Once the 3" Nicro Day/Night Plus Solar Vent was installed by Sail Harbor Marina and Boatyard, all that was left to do was to connect the hose to the vent and add the peat moss. Sounds simple right? It was simple after I noodled how to get the 1 1/2" hose to fit the 3" opening on the solar vent. I went out to Nature's Head's web site to see if they had an adapter or instructions that would help. They showed an adapter that came with my unit, but in it's original state would not work with our vent since the vent protruded below the ceiling. Using the "Contact Us" function on Nature's Head's web site, I sent an email asking for assistance. Within 24 hours I received an email from Larry at Nature's Head asking for my phone number so that we could talk. I sent Larry my phone number on Friday afternoon and didn't expect to he from him until after the Memorial Day holiday. To my astonishment, I receive a call from Larry on Saturday. We discussed the situation and come up with a solution together.

The solution was to trim the adapter that came with the unit down to fit the vent's opening. The Nicro Day/Night Plus Solar Vent has tabs on the inside, of the vent, for an insect screen. I trimmed the adapter down to size and notched out two notches for the tabs. After some tedious machining (trimming) using my Dremel, the adapter fit. I removed the adapter, connected the hose, place the adapter back on the vent, and checked if I could feel air being pulled out via the hose. SUCCESS!!

The last step was adding the peat moss. I added peat moss until the agitator could just barely touch it. Then I added water until the peat moss was a little moist.

Approximately, 6 months after starting this project it is complete!! YEAH!!!! (The only reason that we didn't complete this project earlier was we had more pressing projects, like getting the boat transported,etc.)


  1. The question has to be asked. Who is going to use it first? :)

  2. @Joe: That is why you have kids! ;)


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