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Monday, June 21, 2010

Igloo Water Cooler For Boat People Hydration

Our plan, for the family daily drinking water, was to have a gallon jug of water out every day that family members can use to fill their individual cups as needed. Alas, the thought of KJ, let alone little Dy, trying to pour from a gallon water jug into cups on a rocking boat just doesn't seem reasonable.

While roaming the aisles of Costco, our water dispenser concern was addressed: the mighty Igloo 5 gallon water cooler appeared!

These containers are tough and very easy for little ones to dispense water from. I recall these brutes from various sporting events I've participated in, and I love how easy it is to just push a button to get the water out.

We checked out the prices on line and found the one at Costco, for $29.99, to be a great price.

Welcome, mighty orange 5 gallon Igloo dispenser, to the Sailboat Family! You are going on an amazing journey!


  1. Every day sail boat that our daughter has worked on has one of these. It's a great idea and keeps plastic bottles off the boat. Plastic blows. I have fond memories of the orange igloo cooler. My dad had one on his work truck. Mom couldn't get us to drink water in the house, but the minute Dad was home from work we'd empty what was left in the cooler from the back or side of his truck fender. We wouldn't even use a cup! Just hold our heads under the spigot a few inches below and let it flow. Most of the neighborhood games of kick-ball in the street wouldn't start until Dad got home. He was the 'water boy'.

  2. @jomamma: I'm always amazed when an item like the orange water cooler can bring back wonderful memories.

    BTW: The cooler is FANTASTIC!!! Friday we loaded the cooler half-full of ice and added water. Sunday morning when we emptied the cooler, before leaving the boat, it still had ice in it. I found this impressive since the cooler had been sitting in the boat's cockpit since Friday afternoon in 90+ degree heat and in full sun.

  3. They are awesome. Did you know that all commercially made ice is put through all the filtration and purification that expensive bottled water is? That's why it's so clear. So if you fill your water cooler completely with ice, then add water, then add more ICE as it melts you will have the purist drinking water for your family. The coldness of the water, being kept in the air tight container will also keep it fresh for 2-3 days, with out the need to dump it and clean the cooler. You know how bacteria is, it has to have heat and air to grow. I think Dad only cleaned his cooler once a week on Sunday nights... after we'd drained it playing in the yard.


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