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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Honda EU2000i Companion Generator Ordered

YEAH!! We have finally purchased our Honda EU2000i companion generator for the boat. The generator will serve as our battery charing system when the solar panels can't keep up and when we are not in marinas.

Way back when Bill and I decided on the EU2000, I joined the Honda Generator Yahoo users group, I studied how people were using them for extended running, what modifications they were making to them, as well as the best place to buy one for the best price.

From the Yahoo user group, I became aware of a subtle difference in the EU2000 line. We learned we wanted the one called the "companion generator" which features a 30amp plug. Since the generator has a 30amp plug we can use our existing shore power cord to connect the generator to the boat via the shore power outlet. Therefore, we can run anything on our A/C power panels, even while at anchor. For those interested, the 30amp connector doesn't mean the generator produces 30 amps, it just fits a 30amp plug. The amperage count is 16.7. To get 30 amps, one could put 2 of the Honda EU2000s together (they are designed for such operation).

We purchased our Honda EU2000i companion generator from Mayberry's for $999. They had the best price and received good marks from the various forum postings. This priced included the generator, shipping, and insurance. It also included a service kit for the generator, spark plug and air filters for free! The companion is about $100 more than the EU2000i, but having the ability to connect and power the boat's A/C panel directly is worth it to us.

Our virtual friends at www.ZeroToCruising.com are still looking to source their Honda generator, and maybe Mayberry's will ship way up there to the north!


  1. Thanks for the good info, and for thinking of us!

    Question: What type of output does the normal (non companion model) 2000 have? A typical 120V plug?


  2. @Mike: You're welcome :)

    Answer: My understanding: normal output for 2000i is 120V 2000W Max.(16.7A) - continuous 1600W (13.3A). Receptacles are 20A 125V Duplex. The companion has the same output with the difference being the receptacles(30A 125V Locking Plug, 20A 125 V). Both generators have a built in inverter.

    I did a lot of calling around and Mayberry's had the best price and gave us the service kit for free.

  3. Sounds like who we should go for. I see they will ship to Canada but I think we'll save to the duty and just arrange to have it shipped to Oswego when we cross the border.

  4. @Mike: That's the route I would take too. Our generator is being delivered today, YEAH!!

  5. Val,

    How much fuel does it consume at your usual load. Is it more effiecent than the factory gen available for Gemini's?

  6. Val;
    Which 30A Marinco pigtail are you using with the Honda EU2000?

  7. @Douglas: We have not had the use the gen, yet. Our solar panels have kept the batteries charged. Since we are not the original owners of our Gemini 3200, we are not sure what was available from the factory at the time she was manufactured in 1990. We don't have any experience or knowledge regarding Gemini factory gens.

    @Jamie: Our intent is to utilize our existing 30A shore power cord to connect the Honda EU2000i Companion, to the boat. No pigtail is needed, in this case.


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