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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Costs To Do Bottom Paint On A 32 Foot Catamaran Sailboat

This week we received the bill for all the boat work done in Sail Harbor Marina's boatyard. We thought it would be helpful for others if we shared the portion of the costs related to all the bottom work. For reference, this was done on our 32 foot, Gemini 3200 Sailing Catamaran.

Remove existing paint to the gel coat: 14 hours and a total cost of $1,400
Repair blisters and apply 4 barrier coats: 19.25 hours and a total cost of $1,155
Paint bottom (first coat red, second black): 8.5 hours and a total cost of $510

4 gallons of Interprotect 2000 for a cost of $387.40
1.25 gallons of Pettit SR60 (red) for a cost of $300.00
1.25 gallons of Pettit SR60 (black) for a cost of $300.00
2.5 gallons vinyl ester resin for a cost of $187.50
1.0 gallon of Interlux 830 Fast Cure Epoxy Profiling Filler for a cost of $123.00
10 x 40 grit 6 inch sanding disks for a cost of $15.00
8 x 80 grit 6 inch sanding disks for a cost of $12.00
6 x dust masks for a cost of $4.50
18 pairs of gloves for a cost of $13.50
2 x Tyvex suits for a cost of $16.50
1 x roll of fine line tape for a cost of $14.50
2 x roller pans and frame for a cost of $10.00
8 x roller covers for a cost of $42.40
4 x large cups for a cost of $8.00
4 x small cups for a cost of $2.00
6 x 2 inch brushes for a cost of $7.50
4 x 3 inch brushes for a cost of $8.60

Grand Total for Bottom Work: $4,517.40!


  1. Ouch! Thanks for keeping such accurate records and for sharing.

  2. @Mike: Ouch is right, but now our girl has durable shoes that we should only have to be resoled (antifouling paint) every year or so.

    The existing bottom paint was graphite and a pain to remove. Fortunately, we only had 4 blisters, but tons of little voids in the gel coat. We had the bottom faired and then painted with 4 coats of barrier paint, which will keep the hulls from absorbing water. We had the first coat of antifouling paint to be red so that we will know when it is time to resole (repaint the bottom).

  3. I think there is a piece of mind that comes with knowing you have paid for the job to be done right that is beyond price. :) I'm a big believer in getting what you pay for and this expenditure should help you enjoy your adventure without the hassles or worries of constant patching or piece milling. Way to go!!

  4. @Mike: Yeah, ouch indeed. As Val noted, one biggie chunk was the taking the old stuff off all the way down to the gelcoat. We felt better knowing what was really under that old stuff. With that part accomplished, next time around it should be a lot less costly.

    @Joe: No doubt about it ... we feel very very comfortable about the bottom now. That is worth every penny!

  5. That's about what we'd spend on a new fence for the backyard. I'm finding some similarities in living on a boat compared to living in a house.

  6. @jomamma: That sounds about right ... there are so many similarities between house spend and boat spend. All the more reason to move onto a boat! :)

  7. Hello All. We have chatted before. Your pricing looks in line with what I just paid. I have a 34 foot Richard Woods "Romany" catamaran. I had a yard down in Fort Pierce do a bottom job just last month. They did no real prep (shes a glass over ply boat, and was already smooth enough) and my total cost was just about 2K. Take the bottom prep and blister work out, and your at the same price. You got a much better deal on anti-fouling than we did, but we paid less for labor. I was sick at the time, so I ended up just watching they yard guys do it. I'm back in Idaho waiting for my wife's work to finish. We expect to be back in Florida by August or so. And yes, you can leave anytime you want. Keep up that attitude and outlook!

  8. @Chris: Glad to see you're still around! Thanks for the additional data point on bottom paint work. We've had a few emails already from folks interested in the costs asking if ours were "normal" and/or "average." Your information really helps calibrate our numbers. Sorry to read you were sick during bottom paint time ... or was that part of the plan! ;) Take care Chris.


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