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Monday, June 7, 2010

Trojan 6V 145s Installed In Boat!

On May 30th, one of those "must do" tasks was completed but I couldn't claim success quite yet. I had installed the new Trojan batteries but I needed the system to run for a week to be sure it worked right.

In one of the photos you can see the 5.5 year old swollen SeaVolt 115 batteries on the left, and the beautiful new T-145s stacked neatly on the right.

The batteries were very heavy; I'm so glad I went with the 6Vs as recommended by the Living Aboard members.

With one final double check of the connections, I deemed that the batteries were in. Switching from battery bank 1 to bank 2 to both to off, while operating the electronic equipment gave a quick and dirty proof of correct wiring. I also put a Volt meter on the wires and it showed the proper numbers.

Now that it is a week later, I can proclaim the transplant was a success! The batteries show a full charge (receiving charge from both the solar panel system and from the dock side plug in), all instruments work, and the event feels positive! :)



  1. Yea.... now can we see her sitting in the water. On a buoy or tied to the dock. I just want to see her wet!

  2. @jomamma: Very very soon! In fact, Val is working on the blog regarding Ariel's journey towards the water. It will be up in just a few hours.

  3. I'm getting my "Under the Sea" music ready to play in the background as I read the post and look at the pictures....


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