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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Igloo 165 QT Cooler

It is hard to keep things cold on a boat. That is no longer the case on our Gemini 3200. Other day, we purchased an Igloo 165QT MaxCold Travel Cooler for Ariel.

Igloo advertises that this cooler keeps ice for 7 days in 90 degree temperatures, holds up to 280 -12oz. cans hold, has a quick-access hatch, and is made with Ultratherm insulation for maximum cold retention. The durable outside has UV inhibitors incorporated into the plastic, I desire that this translates into longevity.

This cooler is approximately 42" long, 18" wide, and 22" high and will take up valuable space in the cockpit.

Like almost everything that goes on our Gemini 3200, it has to have more than one purpose. The cooler will not only store things that we want to keep cold, it will also double as a helm set. Our existing helm seat is a Garelick pilot chair (looks like bar stool). The reasons we are making the change are that we felt the chair would be a hazard in rough seas and one of the seat welds broke on our last cruise.

We are looking forward to putting the cooler on Ariel. With this addition, the cockpit will be safer, we can keep cold things longer, and more than one person can sit at the helm at the same time. (Cup holders are a bonus ;))


  1. Are you going to make cushions for it? You could velcro them down....

  2. @jomamma: Great Idea! I have some leftover marine naugahyde from making the settee cushions. I'll post pictures once I have them made.


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