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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Settee Cushions Redo - Materials and Cost

Recently, I completely remade the settee cushions for our Gemini 3200. I did not go into details about how to make the cushions, because Sailrite's dvd gives all of the detail and they are the experts. I do want to share with y'all the list of materials and cost. Maybe this information can help someone looking at redoing their settee or other large upholstery project.

Our Gemini 3200 has six large cushions (3 back and 3 seat cushions) that make-up the settee. The back cushions are basically rectangles and two of the cushions are mounted on plywood with a teak back plate, so no need to cover the back of the cushions with material. The three seat cushions were irregular in shape and a little more challenging.

All-in-all, this project took 65 hours for me, to complete. (This was my first big sewing project and the first time I had ever installed zippers. The Sailrite dvd was the only reference I used and it was the only one that I needed.) I think that now that I have some experience, this project would take less time for me to complete.

All of the materials for this project were purchased from Sailrite, except the foam which was purchased from my local Joann's. Note: I was able to use coupons/sale discounts to purchase all of the materials.

The list and quantity of material below was sufficient to make 2 back cushions - 65"x14"x2", 1 back cushion - 74"x14"x3", 2 seat cushions - 62"x20"x4", and 1 seat cushion 69"x24"x4".

Materials from Sailrite:
12 yards of Naugahyde Universal Pure White 54" - $155.40
180 yards Deluxe Vinyl Emossed Welting/Piping Pure White - $ 99.00
1 1oz Spool plus 25yards of V92 White Thread -~$ 5.00
2 #10 White 72" Zippers - Single Locking Plastic - $ 19.90*
2 #10 White 60" Zippers - Single Locking Plastic - $ 17.40*
1 Sailrite "Make Your Own Cushions" DVD - $ 19.95
Shipping from Sailrite - $ 15.24
Minus 10% Discount ($ 31.66)
Total from Sailrite: $300.23

* Note: Single locking zipper is hard to sew around, at the ends. I recommend using non-locking zipper for this type of project. That way the slider and lock don't get into the way. (Wish I had known.)

Foam from Joann's: (Note all of the foam was purchased with 40% to 50% off discounts)
2-2"thick x65" long x 24.5" wide $ 67.22
1-3"thick x 74" long x 24.5" wide $ 52.78
2-4"thick x 62" long x 24.5" wide $114.57
1-4"thick x 69" long x 24.5" wide $ 58.44
Total from Joann's: $293.01

Other Materials/Instruments Used:
12 1/2"Brass Grommets
1 #18 Sewing Machine Needle for Ultrafeed Machine
Beulah (our Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Machine)
Good Office Stapler
Box of Staples
Heavy Duty Stapler and Staples for Cushions with Plywood backs
Staple Puller
1/2" Die Set to install Grommets
Flat Head Screwdriver
Yard Stick
10' Measuring Tape
Seam Ripper

Time: ~65 hours

Total Cost of 6 extra large cushions $593.24. This cost does not include the cost of time or my Ultrafeed LSZ-1. However, with the completion of this project, Beulah (my Ultrafeed LSZ-1) has more than paid for herself, my sewing skills have improved, and Ariel feels and smells fresher.


  1. This breakdown is so helpful. Thanks for taking the time to write it all done. Love the beachtowel idea for the cockpit pillows too!

  2. @Red Charlotte: Glad you found it helpful. I was thinking of you when I wrote it.


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