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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


In the cruising world, one major nemesis is trash. Most of the books and blogs that I have read on cruising suggest taking food out of its original container and store it in some kind of reusable storage. This not only cuts down on the amount of plastic and paper trash, but also helps keep various insects off the boat.

Based on recommendations from cruiser forums, blogs, and books the best solution for us is Tupperware. Continuous usage of an item requires it to be reliable and durable. Testimonials from the above mentioned references, all highly recommend Tupperware over any other brand of storage.

With the solution in hand, we started pricing new Tupperware and developed a case of sticker shock. New, just a couple of pieces can run upwards of $50. Based on our storage plan, we were going to need a lot, but we weren't willing to drop $500 or more on new Tupperware. We decided to try ebay.

While searching on ebay, I could not believe how many results came up for Tupperware, over 30,000. That's a lot of Tupperware! After looking at a lot of listings, we bid on a few and won a listing that had over 70 pieces of vintage(used) Tupperware for a total of $50.82 (included shipping).

The Tupperware was in great shape and I was amazed at how much each container could hold. We have filled and labeled all of the various pieces of Tupperware. They now reside on Ariel.


  1. Well that explains it... besides the sailing connection, we're both TW fans. I started putting everything in TW back 27 yrs ago when we lived in the little house on the prairie and all the varmints would come in if they smelled your stored vittles. Ebay is a fantastic idea! I scored a bunch of mine, $500 worth for 50 bucks, at a garage sale where a former dealer was selling her show stock to get a divorce. I have so much my cupboards look like pictures in their catalogs. One of my friends has requested that I leave it all to her in my will. I started boycotting the home parties about 12 yrs ago when an order was screwed up and the corporate office wouldn't help me straighten it out. But I will buy from Ebay or someone like this: http://www.curtainup.com/dixiestupperwareparty.html I attended this stage performance (where we could purchase TW after the show) a couple of years ago. He/she's fantastic, I was sore the next day from laughing. Warning to the hubby.... don't go, or sit wayyyyy in the back. He/she will pick on the guys. I purchased the most fantastic wine bottle opener after the show. I think I may have pictures posted to the blog under Tupperware. Now you need a label maker to label all your containers.

  2. @jomamma: Love the Tupperware story and the link! I'll go search for Tupperware on your blog.

    I picked up a label maker from Costco about a year ago. I labeled all of the Tupperware with contents and date.

    I knew we were connected in more than one way :).

  3. lol, if you tell me you are taking up knitting, I'll be there tomorrow. BTW, now that the kids are grown and gone there is no need for 8 TW cereal containers. Would you like for me to mail you 3 or 4 that I don't use anymore?

  4. @jomamma: That would be terrific! I'll send you our address via email. Thanks!!


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