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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Water Park Skill Development

As a way to celebrate the hard work of employees and the contributions of families, yesterday my office had a day at the Lake Lanier Islands Water Park. We played and played and played. The Lake Lanier Water Park has water fun houses, slides, tube rides, wave pools, beach action, water playground, and even one of those toilet bowl rides where the end is a free fall into a deep pool.

We took advantage of the water park and used it as a way assess how our daughters would do in a chaotic water environment. We didn't do drills per se, but we issued various commands, watched when they would try to float and when they would try to swim, studied their decision choices, measured their boldness, and so forth. They both did good given their ages. We did see, however, that more work must be done. I guess that means more water park time! :)


  1. Have the girls had 'official' swim lessons from someone other than family? My kids did so much better when I wasn't involved. They learned more technique and were calmer about swimming. At 4 yrs old Jolea could swim 3/4 of a large residential pool on one breath and could float on her back for hours... of course she'd get distracted and remember that she wanted to show someone how she could breast stroke, or back stroke, or dive, but on command she'd 'float' just like a little trained otter.

    I'll never forget seeing her dive off SV Fury 1 off the coast of Key West to swim a good 25 yards (with the life guard buoy dragging behind her) to 'pillage' Fury 2 for bagels and lox. There were 3-4' swells and she had no problem. As I threatened the Captain if any harm came to her, he told me "I wouldn't have sent her if I hadn't seen her swim farther and in worse conditions before, she's my best swimmer." That didn't stop him from moving the boat a little closer for her return trip toting the bagels... the thought that he could loose a certain appendage should anything go wrong, weighed heavy on his mind I'm sure. It's just a Momma thing.

  2. @jomamma: Yeah, we sent KJ through a drown proofing class about a year and a half ago. She passed the final exam, wherein she was fully winter clothed (jacket, shoes and all), flung into the deep end of the pool, stayed afloat for over 10 minutes, and then made her way to the side. Her swimming only continues to improve upon the strokes the instructor taught her. Dy will also be going through that same class.

    The water park was good because of all the chaos in the situation. So many kids screaming, water coming from every direction, lots of choices to be made, and all of it fun. We will definitely be going back so the girls can further improve.

  3. I think of the water park the way you have described it, filled with chaos. But it seems kids don't really see it that way. My kids couldn't understand why I didn't think it was relaxing to go to those places or the public pool. It was because I instantly became a Life Guard. I could not stop watching for someone in distress. It's one of those things that you just can't practice too much for, that's for sure.

    Both my kids were out practicing their sailing skills this weekend and today on the Liberty Clipper in Boston. It was take your little brother to work week. Sister is trying to get him to come work with her when they make the passage back down to the Bahamas in Oct.


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