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Monday, July 26, 2010

Thinning continues

The boat has nearly every item in it we will need for the trip ..... all the toys, tools, food, and clothes thereby making everything else we own, that isn't on the boat, superfluous. As a consequence, we've begun a massive purge of items in our tiny apartment.

Over the past 8 days, we've dispensed with 21 bags of stuff. Where did that 21 bags come from? We've been vigilant about not adding things to our life, and yet there are the 21 bags. Looking through them, toys and clothes make up the bulk. But there were other items too, like a walking stick, that somehow magnetically drew itself to us.

There are a number of after thoughts that came about after this purging exercise. Firstly, we had too much stuff. 75% of it was never used .... it just sat there (walking sticks don't walk themselves). Secondly, even with the trip being our family focus, items slip in under the wire. One exception here, one exception there, and a few years later you have 21 bags of stuff. Thirdly, stuff is deceptive and is able to fill space hiding itself.

As we work towards our goal of moving onto the boat, we will need to hold these purging events more frequently. Better yet, we will not allow more stuff in but I suspect stuff will still appear!

21 bags is a lot, but we have more. Time for another run to Goodwill.


  1. Now I feel guilty about the box of 4 Tupperware cereal containers. Do you still want them? Do I need to give you their size/dimensions?

  2. @jomamma: You are very sweet. Please don't feel obligated. If you have extra Tupperware that you are not using, we can always find a home/use for it on the boat.


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