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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sailrite's Customer Service

Sailrite's customer service is awesome! I have only had positive experiences every time I have interacted with someone from this company.

Within the last month, I began having an issue with the posi-pin on my LSZ-1 Ultrafeed sewing machine. The pin would disengage while I was sewing and spring out of the fly-wheel. Since the pin engages the needle, you can not sew without it. (This was a pain, because I was working on the settee cushion project and was in the "sewing grove".)

I sent a message to Sailrite, asking for assistance. Before Sailrite could write back (within 5 minutes), I found a work-a-round. I simply removed the spring from the posi-pin and re-inserted the pin into the fly-wheel. Problem solved. This work-a-round allowed me to finish my cushions and to re-connect with Sailrite at a later time.

This past week, I finally got around to re-connecting with Sailrite. My original message asking for assistance received a response within 1 1/2hours of sending it. I think this is very good, since I sent the message at 8:30 pm. The response stated that the detent ball, in the pin, had probably popped out and I needed a new posi-pin. The message also stated that "If your machine is newer, it is covered by warranty. Call 800-348-2769 to check on a warranty replacement." Well, my machine was new, but I had not gotten around to registering the warranty with Sailrite and I could not find my warranty card. I thought that could be an issue, since the warranty card was suppose to be sent in within 30 days of purchase.

No issue at all. I called the warranty department, emailed the information requested on the warranty card, and called back to place my order for a new posi-pin. All I had do was pay the first class mail postage for shipping of the pin. What a great company!

Over the years, my family has interacted with the warranty departments of several "big" companies, but we have never received better service than the service we received from Sailrite.


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