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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Semi-Autonomous Fly Eradication System for Boats

Armed with advanced fly eradication devices, these 2 warriors set about to rid of our boat of the pesky bugs in fine fashion! With this picture, you get a sneak peek into our cabin since Val has redone the insides. You will notice the new settee cushions, fresh curtains, and Savannah area maps rolled up on the navigation station. Val will be blogging with shots of the interior soon.

Oh, notice the screen is a bit curled up on the corner? Maybe that is how the flies got in. Some of those suckers, flies, were HUGE! They make horse flies seem like mites!


  1. Ever tried the baggy with water hanging from the ceiling. They use it a lot here and up in Arkansas in restaurants and homes. It apparently messes with their navigation skills or that is what my guess is anyway. :) The new version I saw last week during our family reunion in the Ozarks had pennies inside to add more refraction.
    I like your method too. I think you should get them some of those electric zappers and sit back and watch them "accidentally" zap each other. :)

  2. @Joe: I've never heard of the water bag approach, we will most definitely give it a go. As it relates to the zappers: in "theory" it reads good, but I suspect it will me, dear old dad, that would "accidentally" be zapped. :)

  3. Had to look it up. :)

    So do bags of water lower the number of houseflies around homes and restaurants? There are reasonable explanations that argue yes and significant evidence that proves no. Regardless, you can still find water bags hanging near restaurant patios and backyard porches across the globe.



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