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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trolling in the Atlantic With Homemade Fishing Lures Made From Cans

With our first trip out to the Atlantic, KJ and I decided we would go fishing …. specifically trolling. We made our own homemade lures to catch something big!

In the top photo, you can see KJ about 45 minutes into trolling. The faint white line behind her head is the trolling line. She would pull the line in every 2 minutes just to check to see if we got a fish. Alas, the Atlantic didn't have any fish with enough class and taste as evidenced by us not catching a single fish with our amazing fishing lures.

We were so ready to fillet them! KJ was really ready to go through the process of cutting them up … or at least, that is what she said. It would have been interesting to see how she would have really responded once a fish was pulled aboard. Maybe next time!

Below are pictures of the 2 homemade lures we made. MMMmmmmm they looks good! Interestingly, the Coors Light cans have that image that turns blue when cold so I wonder if it turned blue while in the water! Yeah, that is what we meant to do!


  1. Awe. I am disappointed for two reasons.
    1. You didn't catch any fish and
    2. You drink Coors Light? :)
    I guess with Coca Cola and Coors Light you were trying to really test out the new commode. :)

    On a more serious note did you have weight to drag the "lures" below the surface?

  2. @Joe: HA! Yeah, Coors Light. I've upgraded from PBR! (Pabst Blue Ribbon for those not in the know!)

    The lure didn't need any weight to stay down. There was enough "inefficiency" in my folding that there was plenty of weight to keep it down.

  3. I'm sure you have done your research. I would suggest you try using a saltwater spoon or jig and once you have caught some smaller fish you can cut them up and use them for your bait.


  4. @Joe: Thanks for the tips. Once we get "out there", we will have plenty of time to try different fishing approaches, and yours will be one.

    This weekends efforts were spur of the moment, a "let's just fish" event leveraging what we had. Some of our issues with not catching any fish on the trolling line included our speed while trolling (too fast) and the constant checking for fish.

    One final point Joe, where is the incentive to drink a beer if you buy the spoon?


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