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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boat Composting Toilet/Head Conversion Page

One of the more popular blog entry series on our site is related to our composting toilet conversion posts. Alas, some of those interested in the topic have emailed us sharing that they find it difficult to pull together the posts in a cogent manner.

We've decided we would remedy this by building out a project page that captures all the steps, images, and stages in one place. The full transformation, from a liquid toilet system to a dry one, would be documented.

So, without further ado, here is the composting toilet/head project page:

For those searching on the topic of converting from a traditional boat head to a composting one, we believe this new page will be a valuable resource for you.


  1. Hey. You're supposed to be raising the mast and enjoying the boat. Not re-posting compost toilet info. :)

  2. @Joe: :) I was so proud of the new composting page that I wanted the world to know! Plus, we get about 1 email a week asking for a consolidated composting toilet summary. By the way, the mast is up! We just got back from Savannah. The boat is soooo close to being ready!

  3. Any update on how the toilet is? Smell, constant vent sucking out A/C...empting and filling ?

  4. @Douglas: I am happy to report, there is no noticeable smell in the head, in the cabin, or immediately outside the boat. The only time I've noticed a smell was when removing and emptying the urine container. This smell has greatly decreased since I started putting a little brown sugar into the container.

    Regarding emptying the urine container, I discreetly do this by putting it in a "green" grocery bag that I got from Publix and carry it to the marina's toilet facility. We had purchased a second urine container, so that there are no interruptions in service :). We have not had to empty the solid container, yet.

    Filling the container is very, very easy for girls. For guys, Bill says that from a standing position, aim is important. If your aim isn't true, the toilet will give you immediate feedback.

    No noticeable change in the cooling patterns within the boat, since the addition of the toilet vent.

  5. "For guys, Bill says that from a standing position, aim is important. If your aim isn't true, the toilet will give you immediate feedback."

    Is that feedback his nose or his ears with you yelling!!!

    Thanks !


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