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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blogging the Transformation

Looking over the first month of this blog, I see lots of entries about money. This makes sense because most of our focus at this time is on maximizing the amount of money we save. However, this blog isn’t about money, that just happens to be the phase we are currently in. This blog is about our transformation as a family to the live of world voyaging on our boat (which we don’t have yet!).

This blog is about our journey as a typical American family whom is radically changing their lives. It is about leaving the 4-bedroom house with the white picket fence, the 9-5 job pushing up the corporate ladder, the subdivision with the pool, the 2.5 cars, and the family functions for a boat and sailing around the world.

At this phase of our transformation, life is about money and learning about what we really need. It is about understanding all the ways we could spend our money differently to maximize our savings. It is about learning how to use money as a tool rather than a toy. How long will this phase last? I don’t know. Continue to track our metamorphosis and we will find out together.

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