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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sail Away Day

When the hamster race gets tiring, a favorite dwell moment is on the day we sail away. As we fantasize about this day, we see our car packed with all of our worldly possessions. We load our whole world onto our boat, then sell the car on craigslist cheap, for cash. We untie the lines holding our boat to the dock, in a giant symbolic ceremony full of pomp and circumstance (using the middle finger to highlight the moment). I push us off the dock, off the hamster wheel, off the professional life that has provided us a fine, but empty life and we slowly motor away ... waving to the land and our bon voyage party, saying good bye. The hum of the motor, drowning out the frenetic society. Slowly turning our heads away from land, into the breeze on our face, with the slight bite of the salt in our nose, looking forward to the new life. Ahh, that will be a magical day.

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