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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Novel Thought Chamber, the Shower, the Boat

Where do most of your great ideas come from? Probably not work. For me, they happen while in the shower. How does one harness the situation of the shower? Is it the practiced activity of showering? Is it the focus provided by the isolated location? Is the extraneous sounds being drowned out? Is it being left alone? Is it the lack of constant input? Is it the sensation of the water massaging the body?

While talking with a friend (Steve) about his experience as a visitor in the hospital, he shared that some great insights were given to him. He noted in the situation that he sat in a hospital room, watching over his son, with no TV or other usual input. He lamented on how great it would be to not have the input and how many interesting ideas he might come up with.

What does this have to do with our sailboat trip? It is my intention to use the sailboat trip as a springboard into the creative side of myself, pulling out novel ideas and acting on them. I have a few novels that I’ve started writing that I’ve not completed. The environment of living on the boat will help push these books out. This should also provide an interesting environment for the girls as they can explore their creative selves.

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