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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Imagining Day in the Life on the Boat

It is fun to fantasize about life aboard the boat when on the hook (sitting at anchor). As we day dream, we would imagine a day would have the following components (not in any particular order):
  • Boat upkeep : 60 minutes
  • Cleaning : 60 minutes
  • Cooking : 60 minutes
  • Eating : 90 minutes
  • Education : 240 minutes
  • Exercise : 30 minutes
  • Family Games : 60 minutes
  • Personal : 120 minutes
  • Playing : 120 minutes (watching movies, playing music, dancing, reading)

And any remainder sleeping, standing watch, and whatever else. The best part of all of the above is how much family time we will have together.


  1. That last line will come back to bite you. I promise. Family time isn't so sweet if that's all there is. That being said, thank God there's people out there who still value family time!

  2. @Angel : Maybe it is still sweet, you just forget how sour tasting much of the rest of life is.

    Contrast is the key that helps highlight taste. Traveling around the world will provide us plenty of contrasts I'm sure.

    Thank you for the cautionary note Angel, but I welcome, with open arms, the amount of family time I fantasize about having.

    I'm willing to risk my taste buds becoming numb because I know someday I will not have my family around me everyday; I will be grateful for all the moments I was able to secure on this trip.


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