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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Keeping up with Senior Jones

There is nothing wrong with keeping up with the Jones as long as you pick a Jones family that earns less than you do. The right Jones family could be an excellent role model. For us, we use Senior Jones, the family of illegal aliens that permeate our city.

Senior Jones takes his family and friends to the park at the lake where, for $4 a car load, you get access to beaches, shower facilities, playgrounds, permanent barbecue grills, the lake, and a zillion kids to play with all day long.

Senior Jones takes his family shopping at flea markets where quality knock offs are plenty, haggling on prices is acceptable, food is cheap, outdoor entertainment is free, and it takes lots of time to meander up and down the aisles.

Senior Jones subsists on cash. When paying for something, he has his money in his pocket. He does not use plastic "you pay later and more" cards.

Senior Jones lives in a house and/or apartment with more than one person per room.

Senior Jones eats at home for dinner, having a large home cooked meal often with the extended family.

Senior Jones has a wife, 3 or more kids, and parents he looks after.

Senior Jones makes more than he needs to take care of his family and send money back to his home country to other family members. Senior Jones lives in an economy designed for people that make much more than he does. If you can live like Senior Jones, imagine what you could be putting away.

Next time you are out living life, ask yourself, "Am I living like an illegal?"

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