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Sunday, June 28, 2009

No Action Complainers Suck

People who bitch about circumstances in their life (work, personal, or other) and don't do anything about it suck. Shut up! Who cares? I don't and if you really cared, you would change it. Clearly it isn't so bad because you are too lazy to change the situation. If your job sucks, change. Either change your view, your situation at the job, or change the job itself. "Ohh, but I have a family to feed, I can't change my job!" BS. You can. Short of you living in a dictatorship, you can move on. Be creative. There are an infinite number of possibilities. Or, change your mindset. That is the easiest thing to change. Just do it and shut up. All the energy spent bitching could be applied to fixing whatever it is your complaining about. Ahh, I feel better now that I've complained about that.

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