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Friday, June 26, 2009

Some Goal Reminders to Reach Your Goal!

Focusing hard on your goal transforms distractions into minor gnats that can be swatted away, or simply ignored. In fact, the harder you focus on the goals the fewer distractions you will see. All day long you need to have your Goal Reminders to help you keep focus. What is a Goal Reminder?
A Goal Reminder is anything that reminds you of your goal.
You need to create lots of goal reminders. Here are some that we use:
  • Our computer passwords are all tied our goal, such as Go5May2010
  • Special email signatures that only make sense to those in the know of our goal, such as 5510
  • Friends asking about our progress since we publicly share with them our goal
  • Create a website for your goal, and random people on the internet will email you
  • Have a family/friend chant that you end phrases with like CincoDeMayo!
  • Post-It-Notes on the refrigerator
  • Pictures that remind you of your goal placed in your car

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