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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Seafood Sucks

Something that is not lost on those who know me and know of our plan is that I detest seafood. To them, this is quite bizarre: I'm sailing a boat around the world and I can't stand seafood. For those who don't know me and first learn of my hatred of seafood, they usually ask for a qualification like, do you mean you don't eat this or that? I'm not a bigot, I hate it all ... Lobsters, Crabs, Octopus, Oysters, Shark, whatever. Yes, I've tried it. I've eaten it fresh out the ocean. I've eaten it at world class restaurants (where the chefs are world renown). I've eaten it at local places that "know how to make it." So, to be clear, I've never, ever enjoyed seafood. It is repulsive. Now back to the blog entry.

Firstly, you can sail a boat around the world and not eat one single nasty cockroach of the sea the whole way. Secondly, while I may turn green choking down the nasty nasty, I can eat it if I must. I do plan on taking up spear fishing on this trip so the family can have fresh fish, and maybe, just maybe I can find my way past its grossness. As a Divemaster, I've spent many hours (counted in days, if not years) under the water. I've seen what people would describe as the most amazing lobsters scuttling around on the floor, just ready to be snatched up and eaten. When the opportunity strikes, I will pick up some humongous lobsters for the girls to eat. Again, the mood may strike and I may try again (I try seafood once a year to see if my mind and taste buds have changed).

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