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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vals going to Sailing School!

Last Saturday, the family headed up to Lake Lanier, the large lake just north of Atlanta, GA. We visited a sailing school called Lanier Sailing Academy. We figured it would be a good idea for at least one of us to learn to sail, so we voted it to be Val. :) Starting this Sunday, she will have 8-hour classes for 3 Sundays. After she passes the Amercian Sailing Assoication tests, then she will be able to charter sail boats in protected water ways (bays, lakes, etc.). The next course she would take is down in the gulf of Mexico, and it would allow her to bareboat charter anywhere in the world. For this first course, Val will be sailing 22 foot keel boats (keel means that they have a large lead weight dangling below the hull making them quite stable). We are all very excited about Val taking the course. She will do great!!

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