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Monday, June 8, 2009

Where found 118 coins May! Free Money!!

Those readers following the monthly summaries know about our passion for finding free money. It is the ultimate treasure, money someone else left behind. Over the past couple of years we've refined the art of finding money. The knowledge base has been built from many interesting (e.g. Hobos) and hard to come by sources (including blind luck!). In May we elected to chronicle every single coin found as part of our normal lives (e.g. money we found while doing what we would have done anyway) and the stats are pretty interesting. In May, we found $4.25 in change just sitting on the ground. Applying the value of a penny equation, this is the equivalent of having put away $85 for a year ... $85 we never had!! That is so cool.

May, 2009:
  1. 43 cents (busy road, WalMart parking lot)
  2. 0 cents
  3. 10 cents (WalMart parking lot)
  4. 14 cents (busy road, Walmart parking lot)
  5. 1 cent (parking deck)
  6. 0 cents
  7. 0 cen ts
  8. 1 cent (WalMart parking lot)
  9. 134 cents (gas station, drive in theater )
  10. 35 cents (IHOP, Mall Parking lot)
  11. 24 cents (busy road, gas station, WalMart parking lot)
  12. 2 cents (busy road, gas station)
  13. 3 cents (apartment complex, WalMart parking lot, busy road)
  14. 1 cent (apartment complex)
  15. 1 arcade token (arcade parking lot)[not counted in total]
  16. 2 cents (TacoBell drive through)
  17. 25 cents (gas station, bank parking lot, mall, WalMart parking lot)
  18. 3 cents (WalMart parking lot, gas station)
  19. 1 cent (WalMart parking lot)
  20. 13 cents (busy road, parking deck)
  21. 2 cents (office, busy road)
  22. 2 cents (busy road)
  23. 27 cents (gas station, busy road, strip mall parking lot)
  24. 41 cents (Atlanta Braves parking lot, busy road, Mall parking lot)
  25. 0 cents
  26. 0 cents
  27. 0 cents
  28. 3 cents (gas station, WalMart parking lot)
  29. 35 cents (strip mall, hair saloon parking lot)
  30. 2 cents (gas station)
  31. 4 cents (WalMart parking lot)
Of the coins, the vast majority were pennies, followed by dimes, then quarters, and finally the elusive nickle. We also found 1 Chinese coin. That was a neat discussion item for the night.

The total number of coins found, not including the arcade coin and not including the Chinese coin, was: 118

None of the money found was in a pile. That is, each coin was found sitting by itself with no neighbors. Too bad.

Thank you to all those whom left their money just lying around ... you've helped our trip!!

As you can probably tell, we have a WalMart nearby that we walk through on our way to someplace else.

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