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Friday, June 5, 2009

Speed of Eating

With the weekend almost here, we've decided to make this weekend the weekend of slow eating. Previously an entry covered the cost of speed, and eating certainly fits this category as well. In a frenetic life, we race to get food, we race to get it down, and then we race off to spend more money somewhere. If we spend money our on the food in the first place, why not make the food preparation and consumption an event? Why not take our time and get every penny out of the experience? This weekend, we will not hit any restaurants, fast food joints, or whatever. Every meal will be cooked by us and slowly consumed.

As an added benefit, I recall reading once that it takes the body some 20 minutes to signal its full after it really is full, so if you eat an entire meal in less than 20 you run the risk of eating more than you really needed in the first place.

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