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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are you unique or a clone?

There are millions and millions and millions of clones of people out there. People who watch the same shows, think the same way, do the same things. Each one of these people believes they are distinct and different. Maybe at some genetic level they are, but when that genetic material manifests into a person with thought, the thoughts are all the same. There are rushes of people to buy the same car, buy the same clothes, do the same activities, vote the same way. How does one find, explore, and exploit their individuality? Firstly by not doing what everyone else does. If everyone else is watching the TV show Lost, don’t watch it. If everyone else is buying pendant necklaces, don’t buy it. If everyone else is reading Harry Potter, don’t read it. If everyone else is eating a hamburger, don’t eat it. If everyone else is watching to see what the next pop star does, don’t watch. Simply stop doing what everyone else is and divergences in thought will occur. It is incredibly easy.

On occasion, people have noted that I’m trying to be different or that I’m looking for ways to be different. Yes and no. What I am actively doing is trying to be an individual, and the consequence of being an individual is that many of my thoughts and approaches are different. For me, existing as my own copy of me at more than the genetic level is important. For me, adding my unique voice to the chorus of humanity to help it evolve is important. For me, having my own thoughts are important. Do you want to have your own thoughts? Or do you want to be a copy?

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