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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are you a food cooker or warmer?

I recently ran across an observation that was pretty interesting:

  • Poor people in the world cook their food.
  • Rich people in the world warm their food.

So, people whom can’t afford much actually have to put their foods together and cook them to make a meal. “Rich” people take pre-assembled ingredients and warm them up.

This is another example of Speed costing money in unexpected ways. When you are in the food warming mode, you are just being more expedient in preparing your meal. When you are in cooking your meal mode, you are taking a longer time.

If you are spending more time cooking your food, then you are spending less time spending money on other things. If you then further slow down and enjoy your cooked meal, you are doing even better!

Where does this lead? If your “Rich” and want to be richer, act poor and cook your food. Live like an immigrant strikes again!

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