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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation feelings after 1 night

We took our boat out for the inaugural sleep over. The event was incredible, and we are still distilling all the thoughts, emotions, and feelings. One of the most profound results of the 30 hours on the water was the post vacation-elation feelings.

We categorize a vacation as good based not on what we did, but on how we feel upon returning. A good vacation for us happens when we feel mentally clear, stress free, rejuvenated, and none of us want to return to normal life. Our history suggests that this collection of feelings only happens if we are gone a minimum of 3 days. Our boating adventure gave us all of the good vacation feelings in only a 30 hour trip!!

Trying to resolve how this is possible has been a challenge, and we are coming to the conclusion it really isn’t important how it happened, just that it did happen. Our family received the full on effect of a multi-day vacation in a period of 30 hours! Could it be the rocking of the boat? Could it be the beautiful starry night? Could it be the focused family time? Could it be the unhurried pace of just sitting on the water? Could it be the swimming on a whim? Could it be the decoupling from society? Could it be? Could it be? Who cares?! It just is!

On the first night, KJ and Dy went to sleep in their own rooms while Val slept in ours. I elected to sleep on the boat, rocking, looking up at the stars. I stayed up until 1AM, drifted asleep, then around 3AM I moved to the cockpit. After watching the lake reflect light in novel patterns, I slept until around 4:30AM, and moved into the main salon. Around 6AM, it was time to wake up as the Sun nudged me. 20 minutes later, Val woke up and we enjoyed a nice quiet morning together. I swam laps, exercised on the forward deck, and drank coffee. We chatted about very little, just enjoying the incredibly peaceful time. Around 7:30 the girls woke up and we (KJ, Dy, and I) went for a swim while Val cooked pancakes. The aroma drifted off the boat and met us on the water. Each bite of the pancakes tasted better than any other I had ever had. We all moved to the foredeck, and ate fresh fruit, getting nice and sticky. But that was quickly remedied as we all jumped in the water and continued our play time.

Can all of this magic continue? We don’t know, but we will work to find out! The boat has already given us so much joy. The day we really sail away is now more eagerly anticipated than ever before.

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