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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life Currents - We have a boat!

Deep inside, we all know what to do. The trick is being able to look inside and not have our immediate shallow wants/desires taint what it is we are seeing. One of the most useful tools we have found for looking within ourselves is the recognition of guideposts thrown up by the universe. We call them Life Currents. This is best explained with a recent example.

Last month we were close to having me accept a position at another company and move away to find a boat. The reasons for leaving were many and inconsequential to this story. At the breaking away point, a few different things happened. 1) we found a sailing class for Val at the lake near our house, 2) I was promoted, 3) the exact model of boat we wanted (Gemini 3200) went on the market at our lake (it is the only one on the lake ... very few ever make it to lakes as they are ocean boats), 4) the boat was listed 2 days before my promotion on my now deceased biological father's birthday, 5) the boat owner wanted out in a major way but knew that selling a boat like this on the lake would be hard, 6) the price for the boat was exactly right.

To those who don't know how to read Life Current signposts, all the above would seem like little nothings. But to us, this was all the proof we needed that staying here in Atlanta until our big trip, with my current job, in our current mode of living, is the right thing to do.

So how does this work? All around you, every imaginable sign and symbol is parading through your mind. Your mind will select which events it wants you to notice, if you are willing to look. If your mind wants you to notice something, then you should.

How do you get better at sifting out what your mind really wants? Every day you are bombarded with the messages of others, usually by the way of advertisements. They pound your brain constantly so that the message you often hear is not your own. You have to eliminate the outside barrage if you want to know what you really think and feel inside. If you do this, then you will better be able to see your Life Currents and you will know which way to go.

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