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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beans Beans the Magical Fruit, The More You Eat ..

... the more you save! Yeah, I know, my version of the catchy song isn't as rhymey ... but it is so true!

As we studied how people provision their boats for long journeys, we learned that a lot of folks stock up on beans. Not only do beans last a long time. beans are incredibly healthy for you and they are

We bought a book titled The Bean Book by Rose Elliot and we have become true beanophiles! We always liked beans, but now we love them. There are so many ways to enjoy them, and the varieties are so varied. Beans have been a staple for our family for about a year now and other than a few comical gaseous moments, there have been no downsides. Get this book, learn how to really enjoy beans, improve your health, and save money. Beans are a beautiful food.

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