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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Something Extraordinary?

Over the past 2 + years that we've been on our preparation journey, we've probably shared our story with 200 or so people. A number of those same people have told us that our journey has become a point of discussion for them, their family, and their friends. The list of those who know about this grows every single day. Yet, when we tell someone about it for the first time and they are stunned by what we are preparing to do, we are still surprised that folks find this whole thing remarkable. To us, this whole trip doesn't seem remarkable at all. To not do this would be remarkable. Our passion is our family and travel. Why wouldn't we do this? People talk about having small kids on a boat as being risky. That is because they don't live on boats and it seems foreign to them. People talk about giving up a good job just to travel the world. That is because they are unsure of their own capabilities. People talk about sailing ocean passages for 15 days at a time as if that is a prison sentence, with no TV ("you better have a Gameboy for your kids!" one person said authoritatively). That is because they have not taught their children how to experience life without the gizmos. As I hear the barrage of why this is such a bad idea, I smile and ask them how people got along before the advent of , electricity/cars/Internet/video games/washing machines/fire/etc. The easy, dull road of life, is paved by others. You want a life unique to you? You must blaze the path yourself. We will be blazing the path for ourselfs.

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