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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation with a Kitchen

About a week ago, the family went on a “normal” vacation staying on Hilton Head Island (in South Carolina). By normal, I mean a standard hotel room with 2 twin beds and no kitchen. Usually we avoid such vacations because they are costly and inconvenient but it was tied to a work function so we went. For us, we nearly always vacation with a kitchen in our room. Staying in a standard room reconfirmed our preferred mode of having our own place to prepare food.

Each meal we found ourselves looking at each other wondering what we should do. Some times we elected to snack (we brought small stuff), other times we wanted a full on meal. That meant we put on public presentable clothes and either wandered downstairs to the hotel’s restaurant or we hopped in the car and set off looking for food. Not only were each of these propositions expensive, but also inconvenient.

When we vacation, we don’t go for food (we know some folks do). We go on vacation to enjoy surroundings we don’t normally have (like the beach) and to spend time together. The food situation meant less time on the beach and more money out of our pockets. We’ve reconfirmed, we would much rather travel to a location where we had our own kitchen. If you’ve never traveled this way, we can’t recommend it strongly enough.

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