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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Toothpaste – Roll up or Squeeze?

Toothpaste is one of those items you just can’t do without. Sure, you could use some baking soda, but that is good only for awhile and can become quite caustic to your teeth. So, let’s go with the premise that toothpaste is one of those things you can’t avoid.

How do you maximize your toothpaste? Simply become a roller. Roll your toothpaste from the bottom upward. In our highly scientific tests, we learned can get an additional 6 brushings out of a toothpaste tube we rolled up.

Don’t be a squeezer .. you will never get every drop of toothpaste out of your tube. There are some toothpaste rollers out there that you can buy. They clip on the end of the toothpaste tube to help you roll upwards, but why bother? You can do it all by yourself.

Can't get away from that amazing feeling of a good squeeze? No worries ... squeeze all that you can and want and then, just when you think you've squeezed as much as you possibly can, defer to the roll up model. You will still maintain the psychological benefits of the squeeze but you will also reap the fiscal benefits of being a roller. Taking this 2 pronged approach will prove to you being a high roller is still better than being a tube squeezer.

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