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Friday, July 31, 2009

Back on the Money Horse

It’s time to get back on the money savings plan. 2 weeks ago, I started two 5 day mini-vacations back to back: one with my step dad and one with my immediate family. During these vacations, I spent a lot of money, on average, each day.

At the end of the 2nd vacation, I found myself feeling some guilt about all the money I spent. Could I afford it? Absolutely. But, the money could have put us 1 month closer to our goal.

The other interesting feeling is “How do I get back into the saving mode?” With the end of vacation number 2, I wondered if I could stop spending. Maybe this is what a dieter feels like after being on a diet for 2 years then gorges on chocolate cake for 10 days.

I’m happy to report, I’ve successfully stopped being a spending glutton. All it took was putting foremost in my mind the end goal: sailing around the world. I imagined the sea spray, the wind, the anchorages, the salt smell, the girls sighting dolphins, and Val’s pride as she sails the boat through blue green emerald clear water.

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