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Friday, July 24, 2009

Horse Farms = cheap entertainment

One of our favorite low cost activities is to visit horse farms. A horse farm is a place that you can rent horses for months at a time, take riding classes, stable your own horse if you have one, and provides riding grounds. We will find one, call them up, and ask if we can visit their farm "to look around." That is indeed what we do, we spend the morning hours (9-11:30 before it is too hot) checking out the horse farm. Our girls are usually invited to feed the horses carrots, apples, and peppermint. They also get to brush them down, talk to the horses, and watch other people taking classes. Sometimes, depending on how cute the girls are behaving, the girls are invited to sit upon a pony and do a slow walk. All of this costs us only the price in gas! Of course the horse farm hopes that we will become customers, and maybe we will but that is highly unlikely.

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